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Popular Modern Memorials and Gravestone Options: A Brief Guide

The advances of technology have meant that the manufacture, carving, engraving and now even etching, means that customers can create their own bespoke design for a personalised memorial or gravestone, which a manufacturer will be able to reproduce to suit their needs.

Here we look at a brief guide to many of the memorials or gravestone options and the completed finishes available to your personal choice.

Although Granite stone memorials and headstones are often the most popular choice for many people, it is a marble headstone which offers the most flexibility for design, colour inscription, and even if you would like an accompanying statue or figure to be displayed on your memorial.

The marble quarried from North West Italy is often considered the finest marble used in the production of gravestones and memorials. The marble from this region often displays the classic white to blue-white veined marble, in some cases you might be fortunate to come across the darker blue-grey coloured marble, which is known as dove marble, depending of your tastes or needs for the final design of finish required.

Marble is also versatile when considering any desired figures or statues to add to a chosen memorial stone, due to it's slightly softer composition to many of stone materials and especially granite. Most suppliers have a range of carved figure options available, but if you have a particular design requirement it would be well worth seeing if it can be reproduced in marble for your chosen memorial.

If durability is a prerequisite, then granite is first choice for many people, as it offers a supreme long-lasting finish. This hard-wearing and long-lasting durability means that carving and overall manipulation of the stone itself is harder, so this will increase costs as it will take longer produce. Subsequently, the costs do reflect this extra time and work involved in manipulating granite as memorial gravestone, but this is a small price to pay for something which will last and retain its looks a considerable time.

Depending on a location of residence, you can also choose from a range of other native or local quarried stones to select as a favourable memorial or gravestone, which can often provide a traditional appearance within a final resting place.

This article was written by Gregory Greene on behalf of AK Lander, provider of Granite headstones or gravestones and for memorial care services.

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